In this new article, we are going to reveal 10 secrets and tips to help you reduce your tummy without days of grueling exercise in the gym or going on extreme diets. What we mean by this is that many people are under the painful misconception that losing belly fat necessarily involves having to go through tortuous and unpleasant regimes in order to shed some pounds, with daft things like running up hills, doing 50 lunges, etc. But this isn’t necessarily the case at all – there are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve conventional forms of exercise (no matter how much more fun those might be…)


The best and most helpful strategy is to make sure you incorporate these things into your daily routine so that they become habits. That way, incorporating them becomes a lifestyle change that will in the long run help you not only lose the belly fat but keep it off too!

1. Get enough sleep

It makes sense when you think about it. Sleep is restorative, and the purpose of that rest is to help provide energy for another day. If you don’t produce enough energy from rest to sustain you during a typical day, then your body will find other ways of getting those energy needs met through such avenues as overeating or just burning down other areas of your body that don’t need as much regeneration (i.e., your own fat).


Health experts recommend getting at least eight hours of quality sleep per night in order to not only be more alert during your waking hours but also maintain healthy weight through better metabolism and lower hunger levels which makes it easier to stick with a diet.


2. Avoid eating late at night

If you’re hoping to wake up a couple of pounds lighter the next morning, you should avoid having snacks before bed. Pre-bedtime eating causes weight gain as it forces your body to store the food eaten before bedtime instead of burning it off while we sleep. One way you can stave off hunger pangs that might otherwise cause you to eat late at night is by eating dinner earlier in the evening.


3. Take a shower before bed

If part of your daily routine involves taking a shower, consider switching it up and adding a warm shower to the end of your day instead. Studies have shown that doing so 90 minutes before bed can improve sleep quality by helping bodies regulate their circadian rhythm (internal clock) and body temperature. Essentially, you’re helping your body get into a natural state which means less time spent tossing and turning which means you’ll be in bed earlier and well-rested come morning!

4. Increase fiber intake

High-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain lots of natural fiber. Fiber in the diet can help you feel fuller faster and therefore eat less! Also, because fiber essentially helps to move things along more quickly when your body tries to digest it, this includes excess waste that could be contributing to that extra weight around your midsection – so choose to eat a balanced diet of healthy foods and add in plenty of high-fiber veggies!


5. Fix your posture

A good posture is the first step to getting a flatter stomach. Often, slumping and slouching actually accentuate your stomach giving you an unwanted gut though sitting with a slouch for too long will cause an accumulation of fat around your waist area causing those abs to look more prominent. Standing up straight will help you reduce abdominal fat almost instantly.


If your work involves sitting in a chair most of the time, ditch it as much as you can. You don’t have to convert to a standing desk early every morning and work exclusively on one. However, studies show that if you replace even just one hour of sitting down at your desk each day, with one hour of standing up and stretching your legs after finishing a task, then it will reduce your waist circumference just the same as the former option.


6. Walk 30 minutes per day

Just 30 minutes every day can not only reduce your risks of developing conditions like osteoporosis, but it’ll also help you to begin reducing some excess fat as well as boosting muscle power! What’s more, is that you don’t even need to stay near a gym or invest in expensive equipment – all it takes is good ol’ fashioned hard work and dedication.


7. Go green

Research has shown that green tea prevents weight gain because of a group of natural substances called “catechins” – when these catechins come into contact with fat cells in the human body, it does something exciting; it causes the body to burn fat rather than store it. In short, green tea is incredibly powerful for those who are trying to lose weight not just by drinking it but also by utilizing its other benefits including reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease.


8. Eat slowly

Eating slower can really help you beat the bloat. If you’re eating too fast, you may be swallowing larger pieces of food that could get stuck during digestion because they’re bigger than your normal appetite would allow. Meals should last about 25 – 30 minutes so use this as a rough gauge on how much time it should take to finish a meal.


9. Don’t skip breakfast

Missing breakfast every morning? This is far from a healthy eating plan. New research suggests that you might actually be increasing your visceral fat the more you skip out on breakfast. And before you think to yourself, “ I’m not in the mood to eat anything in the morning,” it’s worth noting that breakfast isn’t an option—it’s a requirement if you plan on losing tummy fat and other forms of body fat.


10. Sip more water

Some of us wake up in the middle of the night gasping for a drink because we are simply dehydrated. But instead of getting out to get some water because you don’t want to turn on the lights, consider resting the bottle next to your bed and keeping it close to you. Keep a small glass container with you that allows you to drink water in the middle of the night without having to get out of bed or leave any mess behind. 


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